A Native Plant Propagation Guide and Nursery Model

For Gardeners, Activists, and Professionals in the Eastern Half of the U.S.

Published: 2/14/2019

Paperback Price: $19.75

This Book is designed to empower individuals, businesses, non-profits, and public organizations to grow high quality native plants for their projects in support of biodiversity and restoration. The 13 Chapter Book is sectioned off into 3 parts.


Part 1 - A Native Nursery Model
1. A Guide for Empowerment
2. Nursery Materials Vs Pay Off
3. Orientation of Nursery
4. Watering and Fencing

Part 2 - Native Plant Propagation
5. Herbaceous Plants
6. Woody Plants
7. Recommended Pots and Fertilizers
8. Seed Sowing and Transplanting 
9. Growing on a Micro-scale
10. Organic Pest Management

Part 3 - Sales, Installation and Native Plant Hort. Guidance
11. Selling the Plant Stock
12. Installation
13. Native Plant Horticultural Guidance

The Paperback has “hyperlinks” throughout it which are bound to this webpage to bring the book to life and online.

Our goal with this book is to make the lack of native plant availability a non-issue through providing people the native plant tailored horticultural knowledge needed to propagate native plants. It is most applicable to the states and regions depicted on the underlying map of the book cover. The information in this book is sourced from the first hand experience of the business; Indigenous Landscapes.

The 56 page book is printed on 8.5” x 11 paper”.

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