Invasive Plant Removal

Indigenous Landscapes is able to remove acres worth of honeysuckle, or just a backyard wood edge if you'd like. We removal all types of other invasive plant species; Tree of Heaven, Honeysuckle, Buckthorn, Privet, Burning Bush, English Ivy, Euonymus and Multi-flora Rose and more. Pricing varies per site so we work by the hour/shift giving you the ability to halt the object when you feel enough has been removed, the job has been completed, or your budget ceiling has been reached. Our method guarantees less than 5% return on removed honeysuckle for 2 years.

Click the pictures below to view full-size of before and afters. Our typical jobs range from backyard size to 15 acres.

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Meadow Land Management-Quit Mowing So Much!

These landscapes bloom from May through October accented by prairie grasses that sway in the wind throughout the summer and fall also providing winter cover/structure for wildlife. These native prairie species naturally grow where trees can't due to high water tables, drought prone wind exposed conditions, and/or very shallow-rocky soils. So native meadows require no kind of irrigation or fertilizer to thrive. Once they establish they require little to no herbicide or pesticides either.

See the slideshow below to view examples of our native meadow installations. Each design leaves bands of lawn on the edges of the meadow in between property lines, sidewalks, driveways, and streets as well as retaining a or multiple snaking trails of lawn through the prairie to give intimate access to the life about. To see the lively, pollinator packed scenery the prairie provides, see our native meadow playlist on our Youtube here.

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Native Plant Landscaping Design/Install

Indigenous landscapes combines horticultural ideas such as contrast of textures, complementary colors, and layering of heights/shapes; with ecological laws to provide the most sustainable form of landscaping. We grow nearly every plant we install from seed and then we sell them affordably at $5.00 per herbaceous perennial. This allows us to have access to an extensive plant pallet bringing plants into the landscape that are mostly unavailable in the nursery industry. 

We are holding site visits for 2019 installations from May through July, see our 2019 nursery stock list here:

We also offer native trees and shrubs through our native plant nursery, many of which produce edible crops.